Bernina 830LE (Limited Edition) Sewing Machine / Quilting / Embroidery with Stitch Regulator (BSR). The Bernina 830LE has 11.81″ of space to the right of the needle. The dual feed at the rear of the machine acts as a light walking foot which is a nice feature to have. The machine was owned by a caring individual and is in excellent working condition. Free guide classes.

The BERNINA 830 Limited Edition. The BERNINA 830 Limited Edition is in a class all its own, only 4,000 were made. Engraved with its number, each 830LE is as individual as your creations. This top-of-the-line sewing machine possesses everything you need to create your works of art. The 830LE also comes with a free Exclusive Alphabet Collection and Embroidery CD with 1,000 designs.

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BERNINA 830 Limited Edition Overview

  • Experience the largest embroidery hoop available that does not require repositioning or rotation of the hoop
  • A full 12 inches to the right of the needle, more workspace than any top-of-the-line competitor
  • At a quick 1,100 sewing stitches per minute and up to 1,000 for embroidery.
  • Endless embroidery allows all designs to be combined horizontally or vertically for continuous sewing with automatically placed reference points.
  • Automatic-presser-foot lift, thread cutter, and jump stitch trims speed up the embroidery process.
  • A pop-out jumbo bobbin offers up to 40% more capacity than most home machines letting you embroider longer, without interruption.
  • Bright LED lights illuminate your entire workspace
  • The thread delivery system includes a multiple spool holder for large and small cones to deliver thread for optimum high-speed sewing and embroidery
  • The Bernina Stitch Regulator is included for consistent and straightforward free-motion sewing, allowing you to embellish with confidence and ease
  • The large, centrally located touchscreen also includes drag-and-drop stitch combinations, a BERNINA exclusive
  • An easy-to-read tutorial helps you quickly reference sewing and machine techniques

BERNINA 830 Limited Edition Features


Not only does the BERNINA 830LE provide more space to the right of the needle and under it, but it also takes embroidery to a grander scale. Our Jumbo Hoop (400 x 260 mm) is the largest you can get without rotation or repositioning, so you’ll have all the space you need to dream big with your designs. Enjoy the Mega Hoop (400 x 150 mm) for narrower projects without repositioning or rotating.


This exclusive, convenient feature allows any sewing artist to take their craft to a whole new level. Endless embroidery automates and simplifies the process of creating and embroidering borders of beautiful embroidery. Touch the icon and set horizontal or vertical reference marks to stitch them effortlessly.


Regardless of how many duplicate designs exist in a larger embroidery design, most machines require you to change the thread within each singular design as it is created. BERNINA’s clever color resequencing feature streamlines the process by stitching out the same color for all duplicated designs in one pass. This process drastically reduces the number of times you need to change thread colors and saves you immeasurable time.


With the help of the BERNINA 830LE, you can transform any design idea into reality. This exceptional feature lets you import every single sewing stitch, including buttonholes, into any of your embroidery designs. No more “if only.” No more “I wish.” Just pure unleashed creativity ready for you to explore.


The BERNINA 830LE takes care of all the little details, so you don’t have to. The auto-presser-foot lift has three positions, so you can choose and program the height of your presser-foot, letting you focus 100% on your creativity. The auto thread cutter can be programmed to cut your thread at the end of seams and even eliminates the need to hand clip those troublesome jump stitches.


Welcome to the world of perfect alignment, courtesy of the BERNINA 830LE’s Absolute Check feature. Instead of a regular check, which indicates the bounding box around a design, this outstanding feature allows you to touch the screen with your finger or touch pen, and the needle moves to an exact position on your embroidery project. You can also check the stitch location of any single stitch in even your most complex designs.


The BERNINA 830LE takes to speed up a notch. It can produce a lightning-fast 1,000 stitches per minute while embroidering and 1,100 while sewing: among the fastest speeds on the home sewing market. That means you’ll save time and frustration from a machine that can’t keep up. Plus, you have complete precision with our convenient slide-speed control and can always rest assured even your widest decorative stitches will come out just right.


Our patented jumbo bobbin provides a generous 40% more thread capacity, so you spend more time creating and less time prepping. Plus, this innovative bobbin is incredibly easy to use. The hook swings out, the bobbin releases and pops out with a simple touch of a finger. And there’s no need to remove your projects because our reloading system is conveniently located on the front of the machine.

Limitless creativity for a limited time.

As a passionate sewer, don’t you want a sewing machine as unique as your creations? How about one so unique that only 4,000 will ever be made? Introducing the BERNINA 830 Limited Edition. This ultimate sewing machine opens the doorway to an exclusive 830LE VIP retreat in the Chicago area.

You’ll experience two days of inspiring workshops, new techniques, and engaging projects. Open exclusively to owners of the BERNINA 830LE. Engraved with its number, each 830LE is as individual as your creations. This top-of-the-line sewing machine possesses everything you need to create your works of art. The 830LE also comes with a free Exclusive Alphabet Collection and Embroidery CD with 1,000 designs. Don’t let this limited edition and its limitless creativity slip away.

The ultimate sewing and embroidery system

The BERNINA 830LE is in a class all its own. It is the crown jewel among all machines with advanced technology and features so thoughtful that it almost becomes an extension of your creativity. Get ready to go bigger, go faster and make the most of every—single—stitch.

The 830LE is a masterpiece built from a BERNINA family tradition that spans four generations. After listening to the needs and desires of thousands of sewing artists like you, we carefully developed every feature—a work of art for your works of art.


  • assorted accessories
  • travel bag on wheels for the machine
  • 3 different size embroidery hoops
  • instructions