Block 12: Embroidered Block Finished Size: 12” X 12”
The last block to complete the quilt is an embroidered block using an embroidery design by Alison Glass for OESD. Alison Glass has two collections with OESD: BERNINA Exclusive Embroidery Collection Ex Libris and Seventy Six. While either collection has appropriate designs, the quilt features designs from the Seventy Six collection.
Designs #17 and #23 were combined to create the center of the block in BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 DesignerPlus or in the B 790 or B 880.
Create Design
 Open design #17.
 Duplicate 3 times for a total of four designs.
 Rotate, mirror and flip the designs to create the square as
 Group the design and resize to 95%.
 Add design #23 and center it within the square.

Embroider the Design
 Embroider the design on a fabric of your choice. If using the Andover Chambray fabric as in the sample, fuse a layer of easy knit interfacing to the back of the fabric prior to embroi- dery.
 Hoop a piece of OESD Polymesh in either the BERNINA Maxi Hoop or Jumbo Hoop.
 Embroider the design using your desired colors.
 Remove excess stabilizer and trim the block to 7” square.
Piece the Block
 Cut four strips 2” X 2” X 2” X 2” X
 Stitch the 2” X
 Seam a 2” X 8
 Seam a 2” X 8
of leftover fabrics in the following sizes: 7”
8 1/2”
8 1/2”
7” strip to the top of the block as shown below.
1/2” strip to the right side of the block as shown below. 1/2” strip to the bottom of the block as shown below.
 Seam a 2” X 10 1/2” strip to the bottom of the block as shown. You will be cutting of
one of the embroidered dots in the seam allowance.
 Press and square the block to 12 1/2”.
 Another option for this space would be to design your own 12” finished block making the quilt truly your own.